Clinic42 Switches to Nine Media Switches to Nine Media

Clinic 42 is a boutique, specialist clinic offering a comprehensive international range of the most up-to-date, medically-based and researched, skin enhancement and rejuvenation procedures.

Clinic42 took advantage of our “Nine Switch” solution and once the switch was completed took advantage of our “Nine Web Coach” solutions to assess the content of the site. Clinic42 quickly realised their site totally required restructuring to be less cluttered.

The site is now better structured and easier for people to navigate. he next phase of the coaching program is to write better content (lay content). Content that isn’t full of their industry jargon but makes sense to lay people. We will of course be looking at peppering wellresearched keywords into this new copy.

We are happy with this phase of the site and through our coaching process look to have a new responsive design in place so that mobile users can easily access the site.

Check out their website here.

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