Loyalty Card Program

For businesses/retailers

Most major retailers throughout the World have loyalty systems because they are proven to work.

Many small to medium businesses don’t have these systems due to cost, lack of I.T skills, time to set up/manage and uncertainty of return.

Shop Local is also a great ideology and a cause many people endorse. Unfortunately there has been no easy, affordable way to tie independent stores together and ensure customers do shop local…. Until now!

Our Loyalty card provides the solution to those issues with an easy to set up, simple to use and complete cloud based loyalty system. This includes advertising for the business, software, loyalty cards and ongoing support. The entire system is an affordable, one-off payment of £199 / €260 / $299 depending on integration requirements.


Each business receives it’s own independent system which can be tailored to meet it’sown needs plus it will be a part of the a complete network.

What is Included:

  • Access to your own World Class loyalty platform within 24 hours. This can be accessed on any internet enabled PC, tablet, laptop or phablet. No special equipment or hardware needed.
  • Quality, embossed, magnetic stripe loyalty cards. Supplied free for life (unless customised design).
  • 100 A5 Leaflets, 1 x Leaflet holder, 1 x window sticker, 1 x door sticker.
  • The ability to register all your customers online or offline.
  • A lifetime of advertising on the our search engine so customers can locate you.
  • The ability to communicate directly with all your registered customers.
  • We will advertise your special offers to all our other customers nationally and internationally.
  • All future software upgrades and new features.
  • Seven day email and telephone support from our Australia, New Zealand, Irish, UK and Cyprus Offices.
  • The possibility, for the first time, to earn an income from your customers shopping in other stores.
  • There are no hidden costs, monthly/yearly fee’s, charges or surprises.


CardsAnyone can register their business in a matter of minutes. In Australia & New Zealand you can have the Online Terminal Software up and running in 24/48 hours. You can immediately start registering your customers and we will begin promoting your business to all our customers in your country.

The business owner simply needs to offer 2.5% or more cashback on some items they sell which is loaded on to their card to be used at a later date. It may not be possible for a business to offer cashback on everything they sell, we leave this at the discretion of the business owner. A business owner can increase/decrease cashback daily/weekly to encourage trade on certain days. Flexible cashbacks are fantastic marketing tool in itself.

Imagine a hotel that is normally quiet on Monday/Tuesday each week. They could offer 10% cashback on those days and 2.5% on busier days by way of promotion.

Contact me now: Rob Williams on 022 0969372 or fill our our contact form here.

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